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Versa Filler Series of Bottle Fillers

Oasis is launching the Versa Filler line of Bottle Fillers. They provide a bottle filler capability with the well known Oasis P8 Versa Cooler and Versa Cooler II product families. This new series allows for a compact and low cost solution to adding a bottle filling capability. Versa Filler will initially be available in two models:

  • Model PWSBF – This bottle filler model is designed for retrofit to existing Oasis Versa Cooler and Versa Cooler II units already in the field, and is a great way to add bottle filler capability to existing units. They can be installed over many Oasis P8 series models and provide a low cost solution to adding a bottle filler.
  • Model P8SBF – Incorporates the bottle filler into the Oasis P8AC product, which allows the product to be purchased complete. It includes the P8AC and the PWSBF together. This is a great answer for a new installation.

Model PWSBF has an all stainless steel construction and a plastic full height bottle alcove treated with Oasis Freshield® antimicrobial, and is easily retrofitted to an existing Oasis Versa Cooler product. It features a Heavy duty Galvanized Steel frame and easily connects to the parent unit, where it gets its chilled water. It has a simple and highly reliable mechanical activation with a positive spring loaded button, and requires no electrical connection to the host Versa Cooler. A rubber gasket creates a positive seal to the top of the Versa Cooler bowl, and the Stainless Steel unit is attractively styled to fit onto the parent Versa Cooler regardless of its finish color.
When properly installed onto its parent cooler, this model is ADA compliant and also NSF certified, and all components are lead free as defined by the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendment of 1986, and the Lead Contamination Control Act of 1988. Model PWSBF can be retrofitted to Oasis P8AC and P8AM models with the exception of electric eye models. Units purchased with optional glass-fillers must have the glass filler disconnected and removed.

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