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Water Experts

Choose a clean, healthy and tasty drinking water solution

The offer includes a wide range of coolers that draw water directly from the mains water supply.
In the coolers we have installed an ecological and highly efficient filtration system Pureflo. Our filters provide pure, tasty and healthy water without the loss and expense occurred in the use of standard filtering systems.


  • kalix Select your option and save – pay only for the cooler, the cost of water from the mains is so low that it can be forgotten.

  • Compare your monthly expenses relating to the use of your bottled watercooler with a fixed monthly rental cost of our point-of-use coolers. Prices from XXXXXX.

  • Save your time which so far you have been spending to order bottles

  • Do not worry, that during the summer you will run out off water

  • Save storage space which was occupied by the bottles so far

  • Care for the environment , do not buy bottles of water. Emissions of toxins in the production and disposal of plastic bottles have a huge impact on the environment.

  • Think, how many times every day outdated trucks deliver water, causing traffic jams and emitting huge quantities of carbon.

  • Are you sure what your water supplier pours into the bottle - maybe it's the same water that you can get from the mains supply.

  • Mains water is clean.  Daily health stations watch the quality of the water so they guarantee the purity and quality of the water.

  • We use filtration systems in our coolers because we would like to end the pollution which arise in water supply system.


for a month
xxx net
Selling price
xxx net
dystrybutory bezbottled AQUARIUS
  • Stylish, classic design
  • Polyethylene cabinet
  • Standard, proven design
  • Blue Trip harmony with the cabinet
  • Good cooling and heating parameters at relatively low cost
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat

    1,3 l water with temperature below 10Cº / 25min
    water with temperature 85Cº
***** *****
dystrybutory bezbottled ONYX
  • An elegant and modern look
  • Compact design
  • Small size allows to set the device on your desk or worktop
  • A small lamp highlights the cup settings
  • Electronic buttons control the flow of water
  • Cabinet from panels
  • Cabinet easy to clean
  • Steel reservoir
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • A small hot water tank

    1,5 l water with temperature below 10Cº / 25min
    water with temperature 85Cº
***** *****
  • An elegant and modern look
  • High quality stainless steel cabinet
  • Taps hidden behind the faucet cover
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Compatible with all existing RR refrigeration systems for interchangable internal parts
  • Colours and custom finishes available
  • Removable reservoir system
  • Also available in Direct Chill
  • High efficiency heating and cooling
  • Cook and Cold or your choice of one or two piece hot tanks
***** *****
  • The innovative and interesting design
  • Polycarbonate cabinet, silver coloured
  • Taps hidden behind the faucet cover
  • Cabinet easy to clean
  • Increased efficiency of cooling system
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Unit allows to exchange the reservoir during sanitization
  • Available only in cooling version!!!
  • Cooling system - direct, closed, high efficient
  • 1,5l water with temperature 6Co / 15min
***** *****


Select lease or sale, depending on preference:


The following prices are valid for models hotcold.

A monthly lease price offers:

  • New device with the selected filter system
  • Service – up to 24 hours after sale
  • Replacement of block filters once every 6 months
  • Sanitization - once per year
  • Professional service and consulting in the water treatment and coolers


In the lease option, installation and transportation cost is only ***** net.



The coolers are hotcold

Price does not include transport but includes a filter system.

A selling price includes:

  • New device with the selected filter system
  • Service – after sale
  • Reminder - replacement of the filter cartridges

In addition, we offer:

  • Professional service and consulting in the water treatment and coolers
  • Transport and installation for ***** net


  • Transport by courier (without installation) for ***** net

The advantages of our coolers

  • Highly efficient– Our coolers through the use of modern technologies have excellent cooling and heating water parameters.

  • Reliable– high quality, proven design for years.

  • Energy-saving– Application of accurate isolation helps the device to keep high quality and energy-saving.

  • Modern design– replace your old cooler for a new, modern and stylish unit.

  • Choose the stainless steel unit which will be easy to clean and its design will be eye-catching.

  • You can make the coolers to be a decoration in your office not only a water point.

  • Choose a European made unit because you'll always have access to spare parts and consumables.

A few words about water

  • The average adult should consume about 2.5 liters per dayof which 1.5 l should be by drinks.
  • The average European household spends on water € 40 per month.
  • In the adult human body, water is between 50% and 70% by weight of the whole body.
  • Headache, fatigue, poor concentration are all symptoms of dehydration, which is very dangerous for health.
  • Severe dehydration may increase the risk of kidney stones and bladder cancer.
  • Without water we could die within three days
  • choose the best and cheapest system to get your daily supply of drinking water

dystrybutory bezbottled


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