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Aqua Pointe

Why Aqua Pointe?

The Aqua Pointe bottle filler range has been designed for use in locations where a high volume of drinking water is required. For example schools, universities, hospitals, gyms and offices.

It is proven that keeping well hydrated improves both mental and physical performance. The Aqua Pointe range aims to encourage people to drink more water on a daily basis by providing fresh filtered, chilled or ambient water at the push of a button.

The concept of the bottle filler is to help reduce the impact on the environment of the manufacture and disposal of millions of plastic bottles. If everyone were to use their own re-useable water bottle, it would help sustain our planet not to mention saving dramatically on the cost of buying bottled water.

Since January 2009 the Health Education Trust (HET) and Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) have been working closely with Aqua Pointe Systems to develop a chilled water unit suitable for the education market with the aim of increasing the amount of water consumed by pupils and staff within schools. During this process two secondary schools have been involved in piloting the use of these machines which has led to the successful development of the Aqua Pointe. A robust,vandal proof stainless steel machine - dispensing chilled filtered water into plastic re-usable sports bottles.

Other Potential Areas for Aqua Pointe:
  • Police Services
  • The Aqua Pointe product will also be tested by UK
  • Police authorities who intend to issue all officers with sports bottles so they can keep hydrated whilst at work.
  • We will be installing units in Police Stations and they will be issued with Sports bottles to carry in specially designed holsters.
  • Fire Service ... similar to Police stations
  • Prisons. The unit is vandal Proof so ideal for secure places
  • Hospitals…The units are ideal for hospitals unlike other water dispensers they cut down risk of cross contamination
  • National Student’s Union…Again similar to schools the Aqua Pointe is ideal for university students









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