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Water Experts

Efficient, industrial dehumidifiers

Ideal for drying rooms, walls, basements, buildings.

  • Choose the cheapest product on the market for this class
  • Get rid of the moisture from your home.
  • Accelerate your construction drying: plasters, freshly-painted walls or made faucet.
  • Dry your apartment after the flooding.
  • Dry air in wet room - dry your walls.
  • Get rid of mold, fungi from your apartment, basement, garage, which arise on wet surfaces.
  • Take care of the goods in warehouses. Seeds, animal feed, tobacco, stationery require controlled humidity - ensure that.

Select a proven, trouble-free, efficient, professional equipment to dry the room where moisture prevailed.

Our Dehumidifiers manufactured in Poland in accordance with the European quality standards are characterized by high reliability and performance. Our Dehumidifiers are designed to operate in the harshest conditions. They have a reliable, compact design.

Drying up performance 35 liters per day.

This high-performance, service free model for many years has been used by construction firms and business premisies throughout Europe. This model is ideally for using in enclosed spaces for drying freshly poured concrete floors, painted plaster walls or lying. It is also used after flooding or in places with excessive moisture.

Technical details: D 125 D 165
Operating temperature range 6ºC - 43ºC 6ºC - 43ºC 6ºC - 43ºC
Refrigerant type - R134a R134a R134a
Power 360 W 480 W
Air flow 425 m3 510 m3
Defrost system Gas valve Gas valve
Indicator of full water tank
Automatic shutoff overflow
Tank capacity 9 l. 9 l.
The possibility of connecting the drainage system
High drying performance
Air filter
System to prevent icing
Wheels with lock
Works perfectly on the premises 250m3 300m3
Designed in USA, produced in EU (Poland)    
Laminated, steel cabinet    
Dehumidifier performance calculated in liters of condensated water / daily    
rated output* 27,0 35,0
By 20ºC, 60% Relative humidity 7,4 9,5
By 28ºC, 60% Relative humidity 12,8 16,6
By 30ºC, 80% Relative humidity 22,4 27,2
Weight: 22,7 kg 23,5 kg
Height Width Depth
60.5 cm 38.0 cm 36.2 cm
Selling price (net): ***** *****
Lease price (net): X *****

* rated output is counted in terms of 36ºC, 90% relative humidity

Construction and operation description:
It is a free standing dehumidifier. The design is based on a frame assembled with steel plates. The compressor pumps refrigerant R 134a to the closed cooling system. Through the system of thin tubes refrigerant is pumped to the evaporator. The refrigerant cools and vaporises during the expansion. From the vaporiser through the compressor, the refrigerant puts the heat back to the compressor and the cycle repeats. Air driven by the fan is blown by the evaporator. Moisture in the air condenses on the evaporator walls. Then the vapor is liquefied into the condenser container.
The container is installed with a float which is increasing along with the liquid to the maximum position, stimulates the switch. A switch switches off the device and sends an electrical signal to the control light informing the user of the need to empty the condenser container.
There is an option to connect a drain directly to the drip. To do this, remove the condensate container and screw in this place a tip of the drainage tube.
The device is equipped with an automatic system to prevent the evaporator from frosting up. A timer control every 20 minutes sends an electrical signal to the solenoid opening circulation to warm gas.
Adjustable humidistat turns unit on and off depending on the setting allowing moisture to keep the search parameters of climate change.
The compressor is provided with a diaphram valve allows you to tilt the device and even turn it upside down during transport.
The device is provided with wheels allowing easy movement. Two front wheels have a blockade.
Handles in cabinet facilitate transfer of equipment
Behind the dryer is an air filter. The filter is easy to dismantle and clean. No replacement required.
The cabinet is made from corrosion proof steel which is laminated from the outside. This ensures long-term resistance against corrosion in even the harshest climatic conditions.






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