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Green Filter

filtry In Watersmile coolers are installed with the highest quality filters. Filters treat water from the mains supply and prepare it for consumption. Filters give water a high taste properties, soften and eliminate undesirable microorganisms and bacteria. The filter's design is environment-friendly. The coolers have a installed permanent head. To the head are installed filters. The filtration system has only replaceable filter input the plastic cover remains the same. The filter media is made of pressed carbon which is completely biodegradable. The construction of the filter is based on the latest technology, using the extensive experience of the manufacturer. The results obtained by our filtration systems are supported by laboratory tests.

    Our system allows:

  • Rapid exchange of medium filtering.
  • Low operating costs. Inputs from *****.
  • High efficiency and reliability.
  • Compact design gives a possibility to mount the filter anywhere.
  • We recommend replacement every 6 months.
  • Combination of different types of filters, arranging them in a series of two or three filters.


filtry filtry
 Filter system cross of carbon block

Offered filters have international certificates:

Pentek carbon filter media:
WRAS Certificate 0312097
Doulton® SterasylTM Ceramic filter media:
WRAS Certificate 0506111
Cover and filter head:
KIWA Certificate 0508711 

Filters are recommended by EPDWA (European Point-of-Use Drinking Water Association)  http://www.epdwa.org

Below description of the filters:


F010 mechanical filter – sediment

  • Filtration 5-10 [µm].
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Longer life.
  • High flow rate.
  • Removes pollutants mechanically: silt, rust, stone, inorganic particles.
  • Filters protect against too rapid wear.


F001 – F004 filters from carbon block

  • Filtration 1-5 [µm]
  • The filter is made from a pressed activated carbon block with permeability 1 micron.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Longer life.
  • High flow rate.
  • No channeling (in granular filters, the water will tend to find the path of least resistance through the filter media — effectively reducing the amount of filtration that takes place,
  • Fine filtration from 1-5 [µm] (nominal 1 micron),
  • an ideal filter for reducing chlorine taste and odour,
  • Removes fine particles from the water
  • Reduces the overall number of microorganisms,
  • Water is filtered from contamination and microbial.
  • Carbon effects beneficially on taste and smell.
  • Version with the addition of phosphorus softens water.
  • Silver-plated version also kills bacteria.


F100 ceramic filter

  • Filtration 0,5-0,8 [µm]
  • A filter is made from compressed ceramic particles with very small granulation.
  • Very dense, ceramic mesh captures most of the bacteria.
  • Ceramic filter has bactericidal properties.
  • Due to very low throughput it is used only in conjunction with other filters.
  • It is mounted at the end of the filtering system.
  • Used in contexts where there is  a suspicion of bacterial .


    filtration size [μm] chlorine reduction soften water Filters mechanical impurities, stone, rust and sand Micro filters improves water taste improves odour kills bacteria
F010 Sediment 5-10
F001 Carbonate 1-5
F002 Carbonate / Phosphoric 1-5
F003 Carbonate / Silver 1-5
F004 Carbonate / Phosphoric / Silver 1-5
F005 Ceramic 0,5-0,8 yes but significantly accelerates the consumption of the filter



Due to the different filter features, they can be installed separately or together linking their unique advantages.

In filtration systems only inserts are removable. It allows you to save money limits number of plastic waste. 

The construction of the filter allows a very fast exchange of input filtering allows a very fast exchange of filtering input which can be performed in-house. 

The filter should last from 3 to 6 months. It depends on water consumption and water dirtiness. We recommend replacement of cartridges every 3 months. 


Below price list of cartridges and filtration systems:



Nr System I filtration degree II filtration degree III filtration degree price list of complete filtration systems (net) price list of cartridges for filtration systems (net)
F010 Single-stage filter Sediment     ***** *****
F001 Single-stage filter Carbon     ***** *****
F002 Single-stage filter Carbon / Phosphate     ***** *****
F003 Single-stage filter Carbon / Silver     ***** *****
F004 Single-stage filter Carbon / Phosphate / Silver     ***** *****
F100 Single-stage filter Ceramic     ***** *****
F101 Double-stage filter Carbon Ceramic   ***** *****
F102 Double-stage filter Carbon / Phosphate Ceramic   ***** *****
F103 Double-stage filter Carbon / Silver Ceramic   ***** *****
F104 Double-stage filter Carbon / Phosphate / Silver Ceramic   ***** *****
F110 Double-stage filter Sediment Ceramic   ***** *****
F011 Doule-stage filter Sediment Carbon   ***** *****
F012 Double-stage filter Sediment Carbon / Phosphate   ***** *****
F013 Double-stage filter Sediment Carbon / Silver   ***** *****
F014 Double-stage filter Sediment Carbon / Phosphate / Silver   ***** *****
F111 Triple-stage filter Sediment Carbon Ceramic ***** *****
F112 Triple-stage filter Sediment Carbon / Phosphate Ceramic ***** *****
F113 Triple-stage filter Sediment Carbon / Silver Ceramic ***** *****
F114 Triple-stage filter Sediment Carbon / Phosphate / Silver Ceramic ***** *****



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