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Free standing cooler intended for office and home use. It is characterized by the classic appearance with blue drip tray. The cooler is very popular because of the low cost of purchase / lease. Excellent range of heating and cooling.


Technical description:

  • Stylish, classic design
  • Polyethylene cabinet – breakage resistant
  • Standard, proven design
  • Supply system through the overflow system directly into the reservoir device
  • Blue drip tray in harmony with the cabinet
  • Good cooling and heating range at relatively low cost
  • The lid allows easy access to the system overflow
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat
  • Cooling system - reservoir capacity 1,3 l.
  • Water is cooled to a temperature below 6ºC
  • Heating system– one-piece boiler with capacity 1,5l which provides temperature 85ºC.
  • Power cooling system 90W
  • Power heating system 520W
  • Refrigerant type R134A
  • Dimensions [cm] 34 x 34 x 104
  • Weight 17 kg
  • Power 230V/50Hz
  • Filters are assembled in the place where coolers stands - for example, under the sink.


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